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If you want to visit the unique lake in Siberia and places which are hard to get to, if you want to take in the most picturesque sights to be alone with the bleak nature and not to restrict your freedom of movements - take Jeep and get around the beaches and the mountains of Lake Baikal. When you will be tired of contemplation of the Baikal sights from the window of your car you can stay in cosy place, go boating and fish. Then you can taste the Baikal fish broth or bake fish on campfire. You can not worry about the gustatory quality of this fish because it lives in the cleanest water.
If you don't fully enjoy with the Baikal nature you can go to mountains and watch fantastic seascape from one of numerous hills which surround Lake Baikal. You can not restrict your choice of place and the quantity of days.
Trip by car with small groups gives you great freedom of movements. The food made on campfire with aroma of fresh fish and spending the night in tent with the noise of the breakers and aroma of the sea depth. What else do we need if we suffocate from city's futility?

We shall help to organize your travel on lake Baikal completely and are ready:
Individually for you to plan not only the automobile but also combined route. For example on island Olkhon you travel on the automobile then on a boat make cruise in Chivirkui a bay, in settlement Listvjanka or port Baikal and from there by train on to the Baikal's railway come back in the city of Irkutsk.
To organize campaigns in mountains of Pribaikalye or an ascention on the top peaks of East Sayan mountains with visiting hot and medical mineral sources.
To combine fishing on lake, the rivers and excursions in cultural and historical places of city of Irkutsk and Pribaikalye.
To enable you, for one automobile trip, to compare severe and on the greater measure not touched nature of two lakes - Baikal and lake Khubsuguls (Mongolia). This very perspective and new tourist direction in Baikal - the Mongolian region. There on boundless Asian open spaces you receive deep satisfaction in sea excursions and fishings. You will meet a way of life and culture of local population.
To meet your group of tourists and to make delivery to places; rest, an alloy, an ascention, with drivings on mountain skiing or in other cities on minibuses and to accompany on routes.
To place you for the period of trip to the city of Irkutsk, settlement Listvjanka and other interesting places of Pribaikalye.
And also to reserve separately sea cruise on a boat or on a vessel with an air pillow. To reserve residing on tourist bases and hotels.
You can find out more and plan your trip to Tel :7(3952) 466 - 391

The best time for trip in summer is from June to October. The warmest time is from the middle of June to the middle of August. The temperature of the air achieves +30C. The temperature of the water in some bays achieves +23?C. At this time you are simply doomed to acquisition of chocolate-coloured sunburn and conversion to amphibious creature which watches the would under-water.
The number of sun days at the west seaboard and at strait Maloe More is 300 days a year.
The nature of Lake Baikal is rich in contrasting landscapes. So you only can watch for one hour's trip the taiga turn into the steppe, the steppe turn into the sea faraway places and the seascape turn into the mountain landscape.
Skating, skiing, sledding and tyring on thick ice of the Baikal are Siberians' last illness. The more so as ice becomes thicker than one metre from February to April. It is the best time for winter trip.
The temperature of the air is in the afternoon -3; -12C. Solar activity is appreciable. The car routes are installed around the beauty spots along the mountain range on limpid ice and blue ice-hummock. And in the evening a Russian bath-house and a warm lodging for the night in a village house are at your service.
Except travelling along the Baikal coast you have an opportunity to go sightseeing of Irkutsk during 1 day. Meeting and send-off at the airport are guaranteed. We advise you to confirm your trip before 1 month.

Lake Baikal - the earth's middle

Location - Asian part of Eurasia. This lake is situated at the same distance from 3 oceans: the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The East Siberia. Russia. The territory of Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. The distance from the capital of Russia Moscow is 5000 km.

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world

The length is 664,6 m. The largest width is 86,6 km. The largest depth is
1634 m. The area of the water surface is 31471 km?. The Baikal has 1/5 of all world supply of the fresh water. Into the water area of the lake about 518 rivers flow and only 1 river (the Angara) flows out. There are 35 islands at the Baikal. The biggest island is Olkhon. Its area is 729,4 km?, the length is 71,1 km and the population is 1500 people.

Lake Baikal - the treasure of Siberia

The water area of the lake is in the active seismic zone and numerous mountain system supports a special microclimate and the existence of its own sea winds. In winter from January to Mai the lake is covered by thick ice. And you can go by car. There are surviving nowhere meeting species of plants, fish and animals there. The exotic and bleak for the most part virgin by man nature is of great interest for travellers and in particular for motor tourers. The regional centre of Irkutsk region is the City of Irkutsk. There are regular air and rail communications from Moscow and other Russian cities . You can go by car from Irkutsk to the Baikal.

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About our enterprise. The tourist company BaikalCarTour is engaged in passenger, tourist transportations by microbuses, automobile and off road automobiles around Baikal lake. Exists since June, 2002 in Irkutsk city, Russia. The company supports a direction of entrance tourism. Organizes and develops new original rounds for fishing and acquaintance to monuments of a nature and culture.
The basic way of acquaintance - automobile round. It allows fast move on interesting objects and at will to change, have for a long time or to stop round with payment of indemnification for the unused days The payment to be made on the fact of departure in a route ( exception for beforehand of ordered rounds with be placed of groups 5-10 men on camp sites). Such form of services is not offered any Irkutsk tours company while . Since summer 2004 in some routes included a sail by an inflatable motor boat, for the review from water of interesting places and advanced fishing , that allows to see that is not accessible by a walk or auto - tourism . The auto - water travel considerably will expand scale of your impressions and will allow to save a money for engage of courts.
Our tourist is the inquisitive, vigorous man wishing more full to be pulled together with the Siberian nature and not afraid there are a lot of hour moving, ascentions on abrupt slopes, artful Baikal wave and lodging for the night into tent. The traveller which appreciates the time , not the amateur to sit on one place and that who at will can afford rest with comfort.
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The manager of tourism - Bryansky Dmitry Tel : +7(3952) 466 - 391
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